baconhash(1)                       BaconHash                       baconhash(1)

NAME - lookup table for MD5, NTLM, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512

       ~$ curl
       {"hash": "2bff202d92a67a51502787753688da23", "found": true, "type": \
              "MD5", "plain": "baconhash"}

DESCRIPTION is a lookup table for pre-computed hashes. Currently, it
       works with MD5, NTLM, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512 hashes. Currently, has exactly 14838903857 entries, but it tends to grow
       from time to time.

       The simplest way to interact with is sending a GET HTTPS
       request in the following form:

    <hash_to_look_for> returns a JSON object, with the following values. All but
       the first one are optional and may not appear:

              hash   Contains the sent hash.
              error  Contains the error message (if any).
              found  If there are no errors, contains true if the hash was
                     found, false otherwise.
              type   If the hash was found, contains the hash type.
              plain  If the hash was found, contains the plain string that
                     generated the given hash.

       When answering POST requests, the returned JSON is a list of objects.

       There are two different ways to use The first one is
       sending a GET request, using curl or any web browser, in the following


       The other way is sending a POST request, sending a list of hashes (one
       per line) as binary data:

              $~ curl --binary-data='@hashes.txt'

       Request rate is limited by source IP. If you have a lot of hashes you
       want to look up, you need one of the following:
              - A lot of patience.
              - A lot of IP addresses.
              - Talking to me

       Pablo Caro <[email protected]> -

baconhash v0.2                          2020